dear oso,

thank you my love. thank you so much. thank you for all the delicious food you give me. i am a fatty mcfat fat and i always knew that the man for me would be the one that feeds me. you made the most delicious dinner today!!! you always make me such delicious food and you have introduced me to so many new places and food!

you are incredible. today you made me get out of bed and get things done and honestly, i am forever grateful. i never in my life thought a relationship could be this great. you are my best friend.

I’m so incredibly proud of you! im proud of the way you maintain your happiness, and stay calm. im proud of you being such an incredible man. i am so happy. i am so happy that i knew you in high school and now i got to meet you all over again and you’re even more amazing. im so happy for you and me.



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